Community Building Program - Dreamspace


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How can I become a Community Builder at Dreamspace?

As an entrepreneur yourself, we need someone like you to help us build an awesome, vibrant entrepreneurial community in Cebu. You bring like-minded client to our workspace, build and manage the relationship, and get paid.

How will I get compensated?

Open Term

10% of the gross membership fee for months 1-12

One-year+ Commitment Term

10% of the gross membership fee for one year
2% of the gross membership fee for the following year

Renewed Term

2% of the gross membership fee

Upgraded Term

10% of the gross membership fee for new desk


What information do I need to provide to submit an introduction?

First, you will send us a Client Call Sheet (CCS) to inform us that you have been talking to that particular client. This will avoid other partner from taking client/s you had already contacted. The CCS will include the Full Name, mobile number and email of the client. More information will be asked once the client decided to reserve a space.

Will you contact my client without my knowledge?

Dreamspace will never reach out to your client without your knowledge or consent.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can introduce?

No. The more clients you introduce, the more you can earn!

When will I receive my fee payment?

When your client joins Dreamspace, you’ll receive your initial fee payment within 7 days of client-membership agreement execution. You will be paid everytime the client pays depending on the client’s membership term.

How will I know if my client introduction was successful?

You’ll receive a notification from Dreamspace via email and mobile number as soon as your client signs a membership agreement.

Will I earn additional fees if my client expands at Dreamspace?

Yes. For expansion agreements (client net desk growth), you’ll earn 10% of your client’s gross membership fee for up to 12 months, with 3 months paid upfront.

How can I maintain my own relationship with my client?

We want the sales process at Dreamspace to be as inclusive and transparent as possible – meaning you may remain as involved as you’d like to be. We’ll never reach out to a client without your permission, and you’re always welcome to accompany clients on tours of the space.

Can I work with other coworking space as a broker?

We want you to consider yourself as part of Dreamspace family. Thus, we want you to help grow our family on a basis of trust and integrity. So, as much as possible, we want you to keep your loyalty with Dreamspace, unless for our identified coworking space partners in different location