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October 22, 2017
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December 6, 2017


The First ever PAD conference in Cebu


  • What is PADCON all about? PADCON 2017 was the very first conference in the Philippines to converge three creative disciplines: Photography, Animation, and Design; three powerful crafts that when combined and effectively applied, would result into the most immersive language in the realm of Social Media, Digital Branding, and ultimately Internet Marketing for the 21st century.

An event that discussed creativity in a whole new level with our speakers;

Ms. Nannette P. Arbon a Provincial Director  DTI Cebu

Mr. Vince Loremia a tech start-up founder and the co-founder of Dreamspace.

Mr. Dave Mcveigh executive creative director of Dave Mcveigh Creative.

Mr. Paolo Chaz of Cebu Animation Guild

Mr. Jino San Pedro of Cebu Animations Guild

David Jones Cua , Executive Design Director of Republiq Group Of Companies

Mr. Francis Alturas from Symph


The whole conference started with Ms. Nannette Arbon who had given us a warm welcome message. And then Mr. Vince Loremia gave us a quick exercise and never failed to discussed an amazing introduction and rationale about Dreamspace and PADCON 2017.  It was then followed by Mr. Dave Mcviegh who had inspired every Cebuano creative and animator. He told everyone to “Stay in Cebu”. The inspiring talk realizes everyone that Creative Talent is in Cebu and within the inner being of every participant present.

Then we had a little coffee break that enabled us to engage with fellow participants.

Subsequently, a CAG animated story presentation was showcased by Mr. Paolo Chaz, an Illustrator/Animator and Mr. Jino Jovi San Pedro, a 3D Generalist. They talked about their group – Cebu Animation Guild and inspired all our guest animators and participants about their works and world-class animation talents in Cebu. The activity was then trailed by an energizing talk with Mr.David Jones Cua, who gave us 5 tips on how to grab attention for your designs. And the afternoon session was resumed by Mr. Francis Alturas who talked about his success story in the creative industry.

Thereafter, it was followed by an exciting activity wherein everyone can participate and learn.


The Pad Sprint gave us a chance to share our thoughts and learned more about creativity. The PAD Sprint was a short, 3-hour design thinking exercise that required each team to solve a creative problem by converging the three creative disciplines: Photography, Animation, and Design. At the end of the sprint, each team was required to present their output in front of the panel of Judges. The First problem was how to connect the three creative discipline in a way that can help a startup company. Then the second one was the “Crazy 8” where you have to draw your strategy in a limited time. Then proceeded with posting of drawings so others could also discover one’s idea. The final activity was the presentation of the design sprint output. Overall every participant was all passionate and very high spirited. The determination was seen on everyone’s face. Every participant amazed the panel of judges with their ideas when they presented their works. Lastly, I’ve never thought learning was fun and for sure, excitement was felt deep within our hearts.

Video Below:


I would just like to end this blog with inspiring words from Vince Loremia that summarizes what I’ve learned from the whole activity:

Creativity is not just about art, Creativity is also within us.

-Vince Loremia